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Performed in July 2009 in Berlin as a part of Berlin Fashion Week.
"HAKO" in Japanese means "BOX",supposing this particular space as a little "box" to lead the story.

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  • Stare

    The first production "STARE" from TANSIK was presented in July 2009 at theaterforum kreuzberg
    in Berlin, with our special guest artist Mr.Shuichi Chino who is currently based in Berlin.
    The evening consisted of two experimental theater pieces with spacy and visual music as its main
    principal, with the attempt of using the instruments as a character.



    revolve closer

    In the shining sunshine, she closed her eyes and was brought
    to the stillness.There, in the dark, lying the eternal truth.
    She picked it up and pressed it to her heart,took a step forward...

    The pianos have been developed as a music instrument within our culture,
    but if we look at them as "sound source", the pianos and the human beings
    could perhaps get a little closer?

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